Psych Reporter™ is a mental health questionnaire and report system for capturing both quantitative and qualitative data from your patients.

Your examinee completes the Comprehensive Mental Health Questionnaire (CMHQ)™, the data-collection component of Psych Reporter™. Entering their responses into the software yields a 3-7 page narrative mental health report that opens in your word processor for review and editing.

Better Interviews, Better Reports

Psych Reporter™ collects and reports detailed information about your examinee's history, thoughts, emotions, and behavior. This can make interviews more informed, focused, and productive, saving valuable time. It can also make reports more systematic, thorough, and descriptive.

Unlike quantitative testing, CMHQ™ data collection is not limited to closed-ended, multiple choice questions. The CMHQ™ also makes extensive use of open-ended questions and comments from the examinee for elaboration about their responses. Examinees can relate their history, perspective, and concerns often using their own words. This approach allows the CMHQ™ to capture a broader range of responses and report a wealth of information that is untapped by quantitative mental health testing.

At 18 pages, the CMHQ™ questionnaire is indeed comprehensive. It is also flexible. You can choose to administer whatever portions of the questionnaire you wish, tailoring each administration to the needs of the individual.

A New Take on an Old Standby

Psych Reporter™ does not interpret data or make comparisons. This is not a standardized instrument.  Reports contain only raw, uninterpreted data. This is not a test or assessment─it is a paper-based mental health intake questionnaire with an added report-writing function. Intake questionnaires have long been used by a variety of mental health professionals and they require no training in testing or statistical analysis to use them.  Psych Reporter™ can be used by any mental health professional who is qualified to use a mental health intake questionnaire.

Bonus Risk Factor Reports

Psych Reporter™ reports examinee responses in expository paragraphs in a word processing document, ready for review and editing. Information is presented under logically-arranged descriptive headings that are typical for mental health reports. Each report is accompanied by a detailed outline of the examinee's identified mental health risk factors that summarizes report findings and provides a useful framework for case conceptualization and analysis.

Psych Reporter™ serves as just one part of mental health assessment. Proper use requires a follow-up interview to discuss the examinee's responses and report revision. Detailed information about using Psych Reporter™ is located in the Examiner Manual and Terms of Service.


Comprehensive and Systematic

The Comprehensive Mental Health Questionnaire™ (CMHQ™) is the data-collection instrument of Psych Reporter™. This 18-page, 627-item questionnaire gathers wide-ranging information about mental health risk factors and personal functioning. View a replica here. Questionnaire items have been selected to facilitate a systematic and thorough investigation of your examinee's mental health. The questionnaire contains face-valid items readily understandable by the examinee and examiner. The questionnaire and reports do not attempt to explore or report mental constructs such as "anxiety", "depression", "motivation", or "personality". No attempt is made to interpret patient responses or suggest possible diagnoses. Instead, Psych Reporter™ reports patient responses in subheadings commonly seen in mental health reports. You may choose to retain or to edit these aggregations. Psych Reporter™ sources data by attributing it to the examinee: Paragraphs typically begin, "zzz reported . . . "

Created by a Mental Health Professional

The Psych Reporter™ questionnaire and report system was created by, and it is operated by, a dual-disciplined mental health professional with 38 years of clinical experience in two countries. Dr. Gregory Sweitzer is a registered psychologist in the province of Ontario. After earning an MSW in 1984, Dr. Sweitzer worked for 19 years as a clinical social worker in Michigan. In 2003 he returned to school to complete M.A. and Psy.D. degrees in clinical psychology. He is now a registered psychologist (Clinical, Counseling, and Rehabilitation) at a family health team in Ontario where he regularly uses and enhances the CMHQ™ and Psych Reporter™—products he originally created for his own use. Dr. Sweitzer has been creating software since 1983. Psych Reporter™ was created by a mental health professional for mental health professionals.