To begin using Psych Writer™

1) Read the Examiner Manual and Terms of Service.
2) Complete the online Examiner Registration Form.
3) Purchase single-use password(s)  for $10 US each.


Within one business of completing the Examiner Registration form you will receive a Welcome Kit and you can begin using MH Scribe™. Passwords cost $10 US each. This includes questionnaire administration and delivery of reports. You may purchase any number of passwords. There is no discount for purchasing in quantity.

Password purchase is the sole cost of using Psych Writer™. This is not a subscription model. You are free to stop using the service at any time with no penalty. The cost of any unused passwords will be refunded at any time upon request.

One password allows one examinee one administration of the CMHQ™. When your examinee enters a valid username-password combination and consents to PAS™ releasing their responses to you, their single-use password is retired and they can begin the questionnaire.