Psych Writer™ complies with North American standards for collecting, storing, and communicating personal health information. It is HIPAA and HITECH compliant in the United States. It is PHIPA compliant in Ontario and PIPEDA compliant throughout Canada.

Anonymous data collection

The questionnaire does not collect individually identifiable health information and the examinee's IP address is not stored. You choose which purchased single-use password you wish to assign to your examinee. The only thing linking your examinee to their responses is this password, and only you and your examinee possess the information to make this association. Professional Assessment Solutions™ never knows the identity of its examinees.

Secure registration

Examiner and examinee registration, administrative email, and this web site are hosted on a HIPAA-compliant dedicated server. Examinee responses during registration are verified by the patient and by software. All communications and stored data are encrypted.

Secure questionnaire administration

The CMHQ™ questionnaire is administered via an encrypted connection, with data protected and validated by Norton and TRUSTe.

Secure data processing and storage

Examinee data is processed and backed up on dedicated computers with encrypted operating system and data disks. All hardware is physically stored in secure areas.

Secure report format

Clinical Reports are written in Rich Text Format (RTF). Designed for efficient and safe document exchange, RTF provides universal compatibility with all word processors, immunity from viruses (because they are plain-text and have no macro capability), and robust document formatting (they look like any other word processing file). If you wish, your word processor will allow you to save the clinical report in your preferred format, e.g. ".DOC".

Secure report delivery

You are e-mailed a link to retrieve your new report. This email contains no personal health information. You follow this link to a secure web site where you sign in and securely download your report.

Notice of Privacy Practices Statement

Further information about our information privacy practices can be found here.